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Vehicle Detailing

Service Detail Sedan 4WD
Inside Clean Step into a vehicle with carpets and seats vacuumed, dashboard console, door trims and jams all cleaned down. $27 $29.50
Outside Wash Our most popular car clean is a thorough hand wash including tyres, with chamois dry. $27 $29.50
Full Clean An Outside Wash and Inside Clean combined. It feels so good returning to a truly clean car. So good! $49 $57
Hand Polish We give you the Outside Wash, then a hand polish across all paint work using Meguiars quality car care products. $89 $109
Steam Clean We give you the Inside Clean, then follow with a Steam Clean of all carpeted and seated areas of your vehicle. Where we can, we attempt to remove stubborn stains also. $99 $119
Super Clean Get the Full Clean and a Hand Polish. $129 $149
Total Clean Get the Full Clean and a Steam Clean. $135 $159
Deluxe Clean DELUXE! Go on get the lot! Put us to the test, give your car back its showroom shine and new car smell. Full clean, hand polish and steam clean. $189 $199